Give thought to your steps…

A while back one of my girls was out playing with my dog Bandit in the yard.  She was throwing a ball.  She would toss it and then Bandit would run and retrieve it and bring it back.  This went on, but then a streak of meanness hit my girl.  She went to throw the ball, but instead of throwing it she only pretended to throw it and then hid it behind her back.  Bandit ran, stopped, sniffed, searched….and searched….and searched.  Finally, we had to call him back to us, but he didn’t come right away because he was still looking for the ball!  Finally, we showed him the ball and tossed it and all was well once more.

Now, Bandit is gullible because he is not the smartest dog in the world.  Yet, we tend to be the same way.  Not in chasing balls, (though I have been known to have been suckered when someone pretended to throw a chicken wing!), but in being gullible and believing everything we hear.  We hear gossip, and we take it as gospel.  We see media reports and before the news is even verified, the person is already tried, convicted, and executed in the public square.  We hear that this is what we should do and we do it without thinking first.  Not good.

Here is what the author of Proverbs says to do: Give thought to your steps.   Think things through.  You hear gossip, before you believe it think it through and ask that person, “Do you mind if we go and speak to this person about this?”  Before you condemn someone, get the facts first before you cast your stone.  And think through your steps before you act in anyway.

Today, as you go about your business, make sure that you are thinking through things and not simply chasing after balls that may or may not have been thrown.

Proverbs 14:15

The simple believe anything,
    but the prudent give thought to their steps.




Give thought to your steps…

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